National Society of Leadership and Success

National Society of Leadership and Success

I decided this year to join another registered organization on campus to get more involved.  I was introduced to the National Society of Leadership and Success by my roommate.  She became apart of the organization last year and was able to take a leadership role within her first semester.  So I decided to join the organization and ended up taking the role of Community Service Chair.

When I agreed to take the position I talked to the old President about the responsibilities of the role. However, she was resigning and never told the new President that I would be taking the role.  Even though it was a small thing, this was a glimpse into how unorganized this group was.  The new President expected very different things from me than what I was told when I accepted the position.  Throughout the semester, it became more clear that this was the President’s first time in charge of an entire organization.

She tried her best to fix things in the organization and it was obvious to us all that she was very passionate about leading NSLS in the best way but she had one major downfall.  This is that she was not good at delegating at all.  She would take on the responsibilities of the positions of people she didn’t trust and wasn’t the best at communicating when she changed something.  This lead to unorganized chaos throughout the entire organization.  One of my friends who was also in the organization asked me a question about one of the events because I was on Eboard but I knew just as little as she did.

Overall, joining this organization was a major learning opportunity.  I saw first hand what it was like to have a leader who didn’t trust her followers and who was uncomfortable with having other people in charge.  It just goes to show how important delegating and communication is in an organization.