As leader, it is important to have many different kinds of skills in order to be effective.  These skills can include different ways to communicate, like public speaking or writing.  Or they can be more goal oriented, like event planning and designing.

I would say that out of those two categories, I contain more of the latter.  I am a very direct leader, meaning I tend to focus more on the goal at hand than the people that I am actually working with.  Personally, I don’t think that this is a bad thing, but it can have its down side.  Because I do focus so much on achieving the goal, I can get easily frustrated with people that do not hit their deadline, are lazy, or are inexperienced.  It can also become hard for me to communicate.  These things have always been a struggle for me, but I am definitely working at them.  Looking into the past, the amount that I have grown in these areas is incredible.

What I lack in communication, I make up for in other areas. After putting on my high schools homecoming dances, various fundraisers, and other events for over 4 years, I have become excellent at planning.  It is actually one of my favorite things to do. I get a lot of joy from seeing people reap benefits and have fun from an event I put on.  I am also very good at figuring out the logistics of these events, like ways to say money, get more people to attend, and how to gain a bigger profit.

Another skill that has helped me in almost every leadership position is having the ability to coach someone.  This probably stems from having played sports for so many years and having many different coaches who all have had different styles. It may also come from working with children at camps, which teaches you a lot about how you can be most effective.  The most important part about helping someone is to figure out what they respond best to.  Some like to be yelled at while others prefer to have a one on one session in private.  Being able to discover this quickly is something that I have learned to become very good at throughout the years.


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