As a freshman on CMU’s campus I was told over and over and over again to get involved. So I did Leadership Safari as soon as I got here, but other than that, I’ve been kinda laying low on the RSO scene. I haven’t really looked into all the options that they provide for me because I wanted to see what kind of time I would have.  I am on the Women’s Track & Field Team here so that takes up most of it and I would rather join more clubs next year when I know what to expect rather than join too many this year and not be able to balance everything.

Being a part of a team in college is like nothing else I have experienced. I love it and I would never give it up.  I have met some of my best friends who I know I will be close with for the rest of my life.  It’s like having a family on campus, because i have so many people that I can turn to if need be.  I now have basically two big brothers that I practice with everyday and can talk to with anything if I need to.  Being on this team also means that I am a part of something that is bigger than myself.  It’s all about bettering yourself in order to help others.  No one else can help you when it comes to competition day, but everyone is cheering for you and wants to see you succeed.

Next year I plan to get way more involved than I am right now and cannot wait to see what I learn from everyone I meet.


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