My goals as a leader have changed throughout my lifetime.  Before I even realized what was happening, I became a leader for those around me, mainly through sports.  I someone who lead by example only and I didn’t have much of a voice.  When I was elected as President or Vice President, I was forced to get a voice, which I did, but I lost some of my drive to work alongside my followers because I thought that was what I was supposed to do.  As I continued in these positions, I learned that you can shape your leadership style in any way you want, so I tried to embodied both of the styles I had previously possessed; leading by example and leading by direction.

As I further my training as a leader, I want to continue growing as I have in the past few years.  I think that it is important to continue to develop your leadership style, as the world around us is constantly changing.  People are using social media and texting as a way to confront each other, instead of talking it out face to face.  Call me old fashioned, but I believe that a good leader should be able to stand up for him or herself and his or her followers without feeling the need to be behind a keyboard.

So my goals for becoming a better leader will change throughout time.  As I grow and mature I will continue to learn things about myself and about the people around me that will help me to become more effective that I have been in the past.  I want to continue to grow in every way possible and continue to be the person that people look up to for her values and work ethic.


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