About Me

My name is Addie Schumacher and I am just your average college freshman trying to figure out my way through life, really.  I attend Central Michigan University where I also am a Leadership Advancement Scholar (I’ll explain that more in the Education page) and I am a member of the varsity Women’s Track and Field team.  That being said, I would just like to clarify that I do not enjoy running! I only high jump, which is one of the easier events.

I was born and raised in probably the smallest town (technically we’re a village) in Michigan. I graduated from Beal City High School (you’ve probs never heard of it) with a total of 36 kids.  We are your typical Catholic, farming, tight-knit community full of back roads and bars (we have more bars than intersections, theres only two but still).  I grew up knowing the same people throughout my whole life and have had the same best friends since about 3rd grade.  If you really want to know more about Beal, listen to “We Run This Town” by Luke Bryan, and pretend your a senior in high school, it’s spot on.  Being from such a small town has made the transition to college a little hard and it is a HUGE change for me, but I think I’m adjusting pretty well.


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