Ritual Coordinator: Alpha Gamma Delta

Ritual Coordinator: Alpha Gamma Delta

This year I took on two different positions in my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta.  The first was as Activities Coordinator.  In this role I was responsible for planning paddle parties, practices for IM Sports, and keeping track of the number of activities each sister was involved in.  The position was pretty low-key but it gave me experience and insight as to how Alpha Gam was run.

I was elected to take the role of Ritual Coordinator this semester, which is a much bigger and more important position.  I am not allowed to say exactly what I do in my position but I am responsible for opening ritual during meetings, dry weeks and for planning the initiation of our new members. This proved to be the most difficult of all the tasks.  After getting elected, I started planning for the week, but it is one of those things that you have to wait until the week of to do the majority of the work.

My new sister Shelby, after she got initiated.

Initiation lasts a full week with events and ceremonies every night.  I was in charge of finding volunteers to fulfill the needed roles for each ceremony and for reminding our members about the values that we all strive to live by.  This week turned out to be one of the most stressful weeks of my life but it was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.  Seeing the look on our new members face after getting initiated and how excited she was to become an official sister made everything worth it.

As with everything you do for the first time, there was a learning curve that went along with the week.  Of course I learned more about the timing of events and how to stay the most organized in order to keep things running smoothly.  More importantly however, I learned how to be someone dependable, how to be a good friend, that helping in anyway may not seem like a big deal but to the person you are helping it can mean the world.  I learned all these things from others because this is what they did to help me.  Having been in that position means I now know the best way to help others out during events, a quality that I believe is extremely important.


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