Hospital Volunteering

Hospital Volunteering

Over a year ago, I began volunteering at the hospital in Mount Pleasant.  I started working on the 3rd floor, helping out however I could.  I mostly stocked shelves and cleaned residents rooms but I was also able to learn about the care provided to patients based on their symptoms.  This year I had the opportunity to volunteer in the Emergency Department and in the Education Department.  Both taught me many different things and introduced me to different sides of the medical field.

In the Emergency Department I was able to watch procedures such as a Pneumothorax and the removal of a Bartholin gland cyst.  I also was able to witness a code red, which to most would not be an exciting thing, but I loved every minute of it.  I met a lot of great people who helped my further my education by allowing me to watch these procedures and explaining everything they were doing during them to me.  They also showed me how to read X-Rays and echocardiograms properly.

In the Education Department, I have the opportunity to work with they Nurse Educator at the hospital, who is in charge of keeping all the Nurses and Nurse Aides up to date on the always changing protocols in the hospital.  When volunteering with her, I am responsible for making quizzes and assignments for the Nurses and Aides to complete to prove that they still know what to do in different situation.  Some of the topics I have made assignments about are child abuse and neglect, intubation, and code reds.  I also had the opportunity to organize crash carts and the supply room for them.  This allowed me to learn about the uses for different medicines and tools used in an emergency.

I am so thankful for all the different opportunities volunteering at the hospital has presented me with.  I plan to continue volunteering there for as long as I can because I feel like the things I learn at the hospital are just as valuable as the things I learn in the classroom.


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