Ravenna & Rimini

Ravenna & Rimini

This weekend USAC offered a group trip for all the students to take.  I choose to go because it was one less trip I had to plan.  On Friday we gathered at the school and took a bus to Ravenna, a town that I can’t really remember much about to be honest.  The town was kinda irrelevant but not really, I just didn’t listen very well during the guided tour we got (it was really hot and we were going to the beach after so I was real distracted).  The tour took us throughout the town and showed us some of the famous mosaics in the churches of Ravenna.  After the tour was over we had about an hour to roam around through the main squares but we were all starving and didn’t have money to spend so we ended up just walking in a big square and getting gelato to hold us over until lunch.  Lunch was actually amazing.  We got a spread of different meats, soft cheese (sounds gross but is surprisingly good), bread and because we sat with the vegetarians, vegetables to make sandwiches out of.  I feasted way more than I should have but they kept bringing baskets of fresh bread… what was I supposed to do?

After lunch, we hopped back on the bus and took a half an hour trip to Rimini, a city right on the Adriatic Sea, where we were cut loose for the night.  So like everyone else, as soon we checked into the hotel we basically ran to the beach.  We roamed around a little bit until we found a tiki stand and we all know what a tiki stand on the beach means…. drinks.  So we each got a drink and settled into our chairs for some much needed sun.  It was sunny with a few clouds so we stayed on the beach as long as we could.  It was only after a few more drinks that the bartender told us that we could use the paddle board they had for free.  After he told us this there was basically a line to use it.

When it was finally my time it took me about three tries to even stand on the board.  Needless to say, my balance isn’t the best so my rides were short and I hit the water often.  I eventually got better and hope to continue getting better (hint hint.. I want one for Christmas mom).  After it was time to go inside we got ready for dinner, roamed around for 15 minutes trying to find somewhere to eat and eventually ended up right back where we started.  I got a giant plate of fried seafood and was stuffed by the end of our meal.  The girl next to me got the same thing and was less than thrilled to say the least.  She just about threw up when she saw the fish still had their heads.  Luckily, her boyfriend was there so he switched plates with her. But this wasn’t enough for dinner so we went to the American diner on the beach where she got a burger and we got mozzarella sticks (best ones I’ve ever had) and they had Ranch!!!! (it’s not a thing anywhere else in Italy).

After we were finally full, we found Coconuts.  It was club that was hoppin and had the best mojitos I have ever had.  We spent the rest of the night dancing and mingling with the German soccer players that were there.  As usual, Mandie and I outlasted everyone else from our group, not that we minded.  Eventually we found our way home and slept like a baby.

The next morning we had another guided tour set up by USAC.  This one was more relevant than the Ravenna one but it was still hard to pay attention.  The guide loved what he did and you could tell because I spent 30 minutes talking about one arch that used to be the gateway to the city.  This day was even hotter than the one before so the tour could probably be described as hell. Finally we got to the last stop which was a church.  I didn’t know that we were going there and was wearing shorts and a tank top.  The security guard was not very happy with me but let me in anyway.  In a church you have to basically be silent so he got even more mad when I accidentally dropped my purse all over the floor LOL.

After the tour was finally over, USAC bought us gelato, bless, and we got to go hang out at the beach again.  This time just about everyone in the program followed us so it was even harder to get the paddle board but I managed to get on it and I got to admit, I improved a lot.  I didn’t even fall off until I tried to turn around and flip Mandie off (for good reason I’m sure).  We spent the rest of the day at the beach and caught a train back to Reggio at night.

Everyone else prepared to catch a train to another city on Sunday but I chose to stay in Reggio. The rest day was much needed and was probably one of the best decisions I made as I got to watch movies (the Netflix is different in Italy), read and just lounge around by myself :).

On to Cinque Terre!

Like I said pictures will be added later and be put on Facebook because from this point on in the trip I don’t have a phone.


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