London: Day 2

London: Day 2

For the second day of London we really didn’t have anything planned so after finding some crepes for breakfast we decided to do more sightseeing, starting at Kensington. This is the rich district of London and where William and Kate live. I would love to know how much it cost to live there because the only “cheap” car we saw on the streets was one Toyota Prius (which are extremely common in London… not sure why tho). All the other cars were Audi’s, BMW’s and other expensive ass cars.

After getting real lost for about 45 minutes we finally found our way to the park and eventually the Palace. Unfortunately, William and Kate were not outside playing with their kids so wee didn’t get to meet them but we did some cute pics so I guess it was a win. The Palace was beautiful from the outside; our wallets couldn’t afford to go inside. After roaming around a little bit, we found a squirrel (YAY SISTA) that was feeling bold and would climb on you if you let it. The closest I let myself get was an arms length away because I would freak out anytime it came closer. Eventually Maggie, Kara Veronica had enough of the squirrel and made us leave.

The whole time we were there, it felt like it was 45 degrees and it was windy so we decided to shop for some sweatshirts. Of course, Italy wasn’t nearly that cold so no one even thought to bring a semi heavy jacket. Shopping for jackets turned into shopping for clothes to go out in because none of us thought we were going to be going to a bunch of pubs. After striking out in that department, we decided that we should probably do more sightseeing.

So where else was there to go to other than Abbey Road. I mean I’m not the biggest Beatles fan but it’s just one of those things ya gotta do when you are in London. When we got there it was a bunch of older people waiting for their turn to cross the road and get their picture taken. As you can imagine, the locals didn’t think that Abbey Road was anything important so they were not impressed with the traffic jams that all tourists were causing. That didn’t stop anyone though. We all waited in line to walk across a road that looked exactly the same as every other one we had crossed to get there but hey, I can say I crossed Abbey Road.

This was around the time that everyone in the group started to get grumpy so we figured it would be a good idea to go take another nap. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, traveling is hard work. We actually got up when we said we were going to this time and went to dinner, where I had probably one of the best meals throughout my trip in Europe. It was Bangers & Mash, which is literally sausages, mashed potatoes and onion gravy but it was just so good I could have eaten 3.

After dinner we went on our pub crawl which honestly deserves its own blog.


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