London: Day 1

London: Day 1

After getting about 4 hours of sleep we finally got to explore London. We had a (free) tour around all the major tourist areas and our tour guide taught us the history of the city. Rachel, the tour guide was hilarious through the entire trip, especially when talking about Henry and his wives. The tour started in Covent Gardens, which used to be the red light district of the city. We got to see Big Ben, the Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster, which is where the Houses of Parliament meet (I had to Google it to find out what happened there).   This is also where I got to take the typical tourist pic in a phone booth.

Rachel also took us to park that used to be known as the meeting place for men and their mistresses. She walked us out onto the grass and told us that right where we were standing a lot of people had had sex… scandalous! I guess they just do it right there on the ground. After that we basically ran to Buckingham Palace and got to watch the changing of the guards. I tried to take a selfie with them but was too far away.

When the tour was over we got lunch (fish and chips) and signed up to go on a pub crawl the next night. After lunch our lack of sleep caught up to us so we went back to our apartment and took a nap with the intentions of getting up after an hour to go get dinner… except no one set an alarm J. We woke up after a while and realized that we were about to miss our reservation for the London Eye. So after rushing around we finally let with about 20 minutes until our time. Turns out it didn’t matter anyway. We still had to stand in line, which wasn’t surprisingly long and boarded on of the cars with about 10 other people. It was well worth the money as the views were incredible but being that I can sit still, I decided to start singing and dancing because apparently I forgot I was in public. After I realized what I did, I laughed it off and looked around to see who had witnessed my horror show only to see a dad push his child away from me and give me the look you would give a crazy person. But whatever, I’ll never see them again.

Dinner was amazing. We went to Byron’s Burgers and it was probably the best burger I’ve ever had (sorry dad). I mean any burger would have been good after three weeks of just pasta and pizza but this was a game-changer. Lets just say that between the burger, milkshake (that I was supposed to put a shot in but I decided to just take the shot by itself because why not), mac & cheese and fries (that I shared) I was hardly able to stand up straight on the walk home.

I slept like a baby that night. It was blessed.

Day 2 of London to come!


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