Today was amazing.  I had the opportunity to shadow a cardiologist (electrophysiologist to be exact) when he used 4 catheters to test for tachycardia in a patient! After the 40 minutes procedure Dr. Igino took the time to explain to me and the 2 other girls that went (Whitney and Bianca) what exactly he was doing and what he was looking for.  I never thought I would be able to say that I watched a surgery in another country but hey, ya never know.

An electrophysiologist is someone who studies arrhythmias of the heart through the electrical circuit.  We actually meet Dr. Igino last night and he gave us all a two and a half hour lesson on how the electrical circuit in the heart and what types of diseases come along with it.  It was extremely educational and made today so much easier to understand.

I would just like to thank Whitney Warner for allowing me to tag along on her visits and Dr. Igino for being so kind to us girls.  It is incredible to be able to do this and I cannot wait for the many more visits that are to come! Yes, I realize that I am having a nerd moment.

Ps. I’ll blog about London when I get free time. Ciao ragazzi!




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