COM 461

COM 461

Communication in Leadership is a different type of communications class.  You don’t spend the semester preparing speeches and writing long essays about topics that you don’t really care about.  Instead you learn about real world communication and how to apply what we have learned to your situation in order to get the best outcome possible.  You learn to reflect on past leadership experiences and understand what went wrong, what went right and what you could have done differently.  Using “The Leadership Moment” students can use what they have learned and apply it to large scale situations such as the Apollo 13 mission, looking at what the leaders did to produce the outcome.

Discussion is a key part in the way that this course is taught, which is very helpful when trying to think critically.  After reading or getting introduced to a new topic (for example “Was the Apollo 13 mission a success?), many people form opinions right away but very few try to explore all the possibilities before taking a position.  This class has helped me to look at the options before deciding what I agree or disagree with.  It has also helped me to keep an open mind when hearing others opinions on the subject.

Using real world experiences has made the course a much more useful tool in my leadership training and education.  It teaches you to take a step back after leading a group and critically think about the choices you made as a leader and how that affected the group.  I feel like this has been one of the most useful classes that I have taken throughout my time at Central.  Personally, I have been trying to implement many of the things that I have learned in this class in my everyday life.


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