Connections: Built To Last

Connections: Built To Last

Connections is a conference that the Leadership Institute puts on every year for CMU students to attend.  It is held at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City so obviously it is a pretty big hit among Central’s greatest leaders. It is not all fun and games though.  Most of the day is spent sitting in on many different speeches about leadership.  Ranging from the Leaders of Disney (the characters, not Walt himself) to being a team player, the participants get to choose what sessions they think will most help them in the future.


I, of course, choose to go to Disney as one of my eight sessions because I’m a little kid at heart. And I wasn’t the only one.  Together, a room full of strangers belted out the best version of “Let It Go” from Frozen that I have ever heard.  We talked about all the different characters in every movie or show Disney has ever been behind and what qualities made them special and related to yourself.

Another session I choose to go to was one to learn about myself more.  We took a personality test online and divided the room into many different sections until you were placed in the one that represented who you are (according to the test).  Some of the things I already knew about myself, but others were very surprising to learn.

The weekend as a whole was a great experience and I would love to go back or to help set it up for the coming years.



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